Sit back. You are about to become part of a new revolution.

Ineor is not merely a name. It’s who we are and how we transform businesses. We are an international information technology company with highly skilled and experienced software professionals, working for YOU.

We focus on each individual customer with exceptional care, constantly delivering an excellent customer experience tailored to each individual customer.

Ineor is committing to technology, innovations, and each individual customer to provide them with a tech-savvy business that will grow, stand out and be flexible.

If you want to be the focus of a superb customer experience transformation, join us in partnering for the next successful common project.

Are you ready to digitally mature and step forward towards a connected evolution? Do you need a world class company to implement your projects while you focus on your business growth?

Don't think IT, think business!

Think big. Think change. Think Ineor.

We are all about the next big thing. We don’t want you just to observe innovations; we want Us to experience them together. We can implement your innovations or join efforts to provide a SaaS offering. We utilize efficient data analytics to find appropriate answers for your business, helping you create effective business processes and make compelling business decisions.

Start enjoying using technology to build innovative solutions and connect communities. Refuse to be confined by distance, borders, and technology.

We are the constructors of the digital age. Are you ready for the next big thing?

Yes, let's innovate together!

Think questions. Answers are worthless without them.

The ability to ask questions, gain deeper insights and find answers that give rise to new questions resulted in a new era of computing. Machine learning and cognitive computing provide several solutions with human-like intelligence ready to be used. The huge amount of digital data has a meaning only if this mass of unstructured information is analyzed in order to extract important context and meaning that go beyond simple facts. All together represented by simple communication channels supported by chat bots.

By adding artificial intelligence solutions to every problem (this is exactly what we do) we utilize efficient data analytics to find appropriate answers for your business, thus helping you create effective business processes and make compelling business decisions with simplest communication channels.

Think questions with us.

Reliable design patterns, great familiar user experience.

The years of thick user manuals and massive user action based interfaces are long over.

Even though users prefer as seamless an interaction as possible, the best UX will not function without any effort – it will develop through an easy learning curve the same on all devices. The solution asks you for an interaction only when it is really necessary but providing you with an easy access to every needed permitted information topped with predicted future outcomes to support the toughest decisions.

At Ineor we create excellent user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, crafting innovative multi-device solutions with a responsive and adaptive design that provides uniformed intuitive user experience.

Our solutions enable you to achieve the most important goals of your business: they really work – and people love to use them!

Benefit from the best user experience.

The smart way to standards and compliance!

We like to have things in order. Ineor commits to legislation, compliance, and standards. This is our primary value resulting in excellent business results and top of the line quality.

Ineor is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified company and world leader in the information security and risk management (COSO methodology, PMI, ISO 31000) process organization. Think about getting compliant and standardized business with us.

We are constantly providing our customers with certified solutions and services that are in line with all compliance, legal, accounting and governance standards. We also deliver complete out of the box standardized industry solutions to our customers, developing them and executing the complete standardization process.

We drive on your road towards compliance.

The human element? We truly appreciate it.

We are aware that the vital element of each company lies within the company itself while clear strategies and safe investments strongly matter. It’s also true that standardization is the basis for effective business processes that result in a consistent level of quality, etc. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to people.

We provide an all-in-one service: agile & innovative project and change management, implementation, training, and go-live support – but with a pragmatic approach, tailored to the needs of each customer. Our highly efficient, yet relaxed and friendly team of experts works as a team - with you and between themselves.

If you like diversity, new technologies and new challenges every day, become part of the Ineor team. If you share our passion to build new competences, explore new technologies and at the same time care for society, drop by and check us out.

I want to hang my hat on this one!

Paving the path to digital reinvention.

The power of digital transformation lies in the digital adoption - ability of a company to adapt and think differently, to do both at all times. Digital transformation today is more than a business challenge; it’s a matter of future survival. After the era of digital Darwinism, only a new generation of businesses is going to survive. Being digitalized is far from sufficient: thinking and acting digitally also demands understanding of the changing nature of innovation and actively (co)creating and using the benefits of the new business models. Now it’s the time to invest in making transitions to renew your digital foundation by rejuvenating your business and government strategies and having a clear attitude towards your digital strategy based on internal knowledge, your customers and market status and your company skillset. We live what we do, and we can do it anywhere. We will never stop learning (and we shouldn’t) because it’s simple today: we learn every time we create solutions. Businesses need to be committed to constant change and promote tremendous learning.

Be careful who you choose to help you along the way to digital transformation, as this choice makes the difference between failure and success. Ineor is specialized in digital adoption and accelerated digital transformation based on solid digital foundations. We already mastered the art of your digital strategy and innovation implementation, so you can strongly focus on your business development, new and innovative business models based on your industry experience, process optimization and smart digitalization, real-time data monitoring, event prediction and the newest technologies. We have proven success record in making our customers business champion dreams becoming digital reality. An open mind is a basic requirement for an accelerated digital transformation. Do you philosophize, ignore, or engage?

Get ahead of digital transformation. Contact us.

Next generation business models.

Resulting from our digital component of growth from the world of products, now we live the world of services and we are preparing the world of service products or service-based products. A magic circle of business is full of opportunities - but only if businesses are completely digitalized and without redundant documents and processes. In this circle called jobs of the future engineers become consultants and engineering consultants become professional engineering gurus. New technologies like Predictive Maintenance are present to be used. And now security and especially information security are extremely important, more than ever before. We must address them constantly and even before the process begins. Excellent risk management is a prerequisite. The same goes for the digitally transformed public administration and the government that makes it possible. Deregulation is not the only solution - deregulation is not enough anymore.

Expertise and vision are equally vital. Ineor has it all. You and us, together, we can guide your company all the way through your safe business transformation. Real data visualization, monitoring and reporting, applying new innovative technologies, setting up business cases with roadmaps and measurable KPIs or simply running a simulation to see if you will survive in the market at all if you don’t digitally transform among others are just some of the services that we can do for you and will bring true value to your brand, business and your customers, improve your cost and time optimization and increase your revenue. A joint project requires an open mind – an ability to think about businesses and services beyond limitations.

Join forces with us!

Use the chance to optimize drastically.

Digital disruption is still the new normal in the digital world. Anticipating change and implementing response measures is obligatory now. Simple repetitive work was already replaced by (ro)botized processes, low-code or no-code digital systems have already become an everyday tool for technologically skilled non-programmers, so they can easily and quickly do exactly what they want and need - by themselves. You know that you are a bit late, and you haven’t started your process optimization, or you are not following the pace you planned, while some are already enjoying the benefits. If you are prepared to embrace changing circumstances and new challenges, as well as drive out deficiencies and leverage technology, use new business models services as your process steps, speak the language of your business partners by using the same systems, your business is likely to prosper most in the coming years.

We choose like-minded people to share the views of the world and then business in the same way. Let us focus on maintaining your technology so we all can focus on innovation. It’s never been so easy to change your business model or domain - and gain the information technology professional knowledge and experience. We have abundant experience and expertise in process optimization and digitalization through managing innovations in complex systems in different domains for world champions. We can optimize and smart automate your processes in a way that will convince both your clients and employees, integrate your systems, and connect them with your customers systems.

Important solutions should not happen in a vacuum. Let us help you get geared up for them.

Embrace the risk. Transform and lead with us.

You try with your ideas implementation, but you often get surprised. Even more, you are recognized as one of the most successful businesses but still sometimes you fail. Accepting this as the price of growth and innovation is a champion-style leadership mentality, but not enough, and the same goes for the knowledge that risks can be managed. Proper risk management is about harnessing everything we know from different professional spheres at one place and doing it every day. Being able to identify, assess and manage risks, you are well prepared to adapt to innovation and implement your digital transformation. Or your business after all.

Ineor knows everything about dominating risks from the information technology perspective. We collected the knowledge and prepared world leading centralized enterprise risk management, our UseRisk solution. Our hyper-advanced assessment and response based, integrated, one-stop-shop for your risk management solution enables you to understand how your organization manages your unique set of risks and opportunities. This enabling technology improves your decision making and performance by providing detailed effectiveness tracking, providing real time status and total control of your strategy implementation while using machine learning to predict when a risk will be materialized and IoT among others to prevent it – or turn it into a business opportunity. Control your future by creating an opportunity when everybody else see an unacceptable risk.

Turn your risks into opportunities with Ineor!

Agile innovation – Survival of the adaptable.

The ability to respond quickly to change characterizes the winners more than ever in the era of digital Darwinism. The biggest, the fastest growing or the smallest company today must behave like startup. Your consumers want to see your products as soon as possible and they want (and have the opportunity) to (co) create them. The digital experience does not depend on you as a provider at all, it depends on all of us together, also your technology implementor and most important - your customers. It has never been so easy to see how your clients view your company, products, or services from the outside, with their own eyes. Excellent organizations have already de-bureaucratized, declared war on documents (also in electronic form), and transformed themselves from a document-oriented system with processes based on digital records.

Ineor uses optimized Agile & innovative approaches that help you deal with the challenges of digital transformation efficiently. Just like all other project management methods, Agile requires tailoring. We provide an all-in-one service: agile & innovative project management, implementation, training, and go-live support – tailored just for you. If you are considering the benefits of a little innovation here and there every day, your employees talking to each other and sharing what matters, a shortened service or production cycle, and close collaboration with your customers, you are ready for the Agile project management. Interested?

Go Agile – drive innovation and create adaptable solutions.

Ineor. The answer for today's cyber threat landscape.

Our globally connected world and digital revolution have forever changed the way we work. With BYOD (bring your own device), constant availability (anywhere, anytime, on any device), IoT (internet of things) and big data, the cyber threat landscape is evolving daily. A digitized and robotized factory controlled from the cloud is easily accessible today. A change of concepts in the industry today is necessary. The question is no longer whether we produce digital data. Highly accessible low-cost critical services, infrastructure as a service or cloud services are commonplace for most of the population. The line between work and life has also blurred - they have merged into one. Information has never been so accessible, and work has never been so agile and close to the hobby and vice versa. You want to focus on which data, how much data and how long you produce and store the data of how high quality and of course how and where to store and analyze? Are you absolutely sure your data is secure? Is it GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready?

If you are dancing with the devil, get a proper dance master. Let Ineor's IT security specialists help you detect security risks, establish an information security management system, and ensure you comply with adequate standards (ISO 27001:2013). We know the game. We can play it together. And win.

Take a step toward security intelligence.

It’s happening. Now!

By adapting to the pandemic, even the most conservative companies and persons were forced to a digital response, to experience a decade of digital acceleration in a year, at the same time preparing the foundation to finally transform the world to a new digital economy. To be prepared for that, every subject should start some inclusive, successful, and sustainable actions to enable its presence in the future. Re-skilled society, highly accessible low cost critical digital infrastructure, more easily accessible money, and services, work from home and remote work but also cross occupations but also process automation and (ro)botization are happening just now. But without digital transformation to all and to every sector, business and business side new digital economy will not happen.

The citizen of the future must engage in the process of building technological skills is trained to participate in global economy. Today 35 to 60% of jobs are ripe for automation. Jobs of the future benefit by using technology like robots and automation, inclusive growth patterns resulting in better quality of life. Cross occupations create additional opportunities. When skilling, the gap between the employers and educators must be also bridged. The companies must include innovation in policy and set the digital component of growth as a major foundation.

Companies and governments must adopt the mission statement to constantly invest and innovate, take advantage of digital transformation and use it to resilience as business next time some not wanted situation occurs.

Only the one being digitally transformed knows what works and what does not work. To be realistic, there are still much more challenges of access to technology for all of us, and even more when we look at income distribution, education and skills and bridging other long running gaps. Those are just some of the milestones to be achieved on the path to more equitable and inclusive society - a better system where much more people will participate in it and produce much more labor with capital and cross sector digital transformations. This is much truer for the basic country sectors like housing, education and healthcare. We must learn from others and experiment with solutions more. If we want to restore demand after the crisis we have a space to compete again to produce more competitive cost structure again.

And primarily: we should not forget to include the challenges of implementing climate goals by aspects like sustainable logistics, zero emissions transport and drone delivery regulation. Potential for new opportunities and progress in healthcare is based on very increased access to healthcare which require rapid change in healthcare. Same goes for digital transformation of traditional segments and the place for the newcomers there.

Ineor creates the new economy.

Untangling the innovations with custom customer services.

Providing excellent network quality is not enough anymore. You are already one of the most digitalized players in the industry, the biggest information technology company and now you must digitally transform to enable your customers digital transformations. You are looking for someone to support you in your information technology projects - on all aspects.

By taking care of your core solutions we are seamlessly implementing your safe digital transformations, providing new business models, quietly implementing newest innovative technologies, deploying custom customer services and providing excellent dynamic customer-adapted user experience. Whether it is all about your B2B or B2C management, loyalty programs, project management and control, legal matters, fraud, and risk management, digitally managing your orders and invoices, managing your human, fleet, assets and suppliers or helping you in implementing your fresh 5G and IoT or upgrading your FinTech or new mobility strategy among others, we’re helping you to become better in everything – and much more than just a mobile telephony provider.

Your next step: Ineor!

Digitalizing the world of mobility.

You see that the world on this business filed is changing radically. You want to use this opportunity to gain more and better business for you. You know that what is new today will soon be replaced by even newer. The cars are already self-driven. No drivers can mean much less private owned personal cars... You know that the new business models will require strong predictive maintenance and future model of your company fleet management and support systems, agile FinTech solutions to support your fleet rejuvenation, precisely planned and optimal fleet charging and fleet maintenance, direct vehicle to vehicle communications and artificial intelligence services everywhere. But until this becomes primary reality, you are working heavily on new business models in these areas of mobility, be it e-mobility, multi-modal mobility, last mile solutions, different services (taxi, ride calling, ride-sharing) ...

We completely understand how the mobility world evolves and already have the solutions and knowledge to lead you in your journey by providing you with integrated, connected backend systems, user apps, integration with other supporting services whether those are fleet management, payment providers, energy charging management and predictive maintenance systems or loyalty programs among others.

Drive to the future with us!

Digital health and digitalizing health.

You know that your information technology system is not up to date for your everyday work. You are spending much more time than expected to get the data you need. Your patients’ most important data is not digitalized. You have the feeling you are mostly focusing on your not-connected, every-other-totally-different systems and applications instead of focusing on your patients. You want to focus on your skills and knowledge and dreams about more research in the field you dreamed since you were a kid.

Our experts built most of the best of breed healthcare information technology systems in the world and implemented them in vast number of countries. Our team defined and upgraded the healthcare systems of many countries. We know how to solve every detail about the healthcare system on all levels and sizes always achieving the superb patient experience as a milestone, starting with aligning the processes.

We provide consulting, integration, process management and healthcare solutions and systems to solve problems and provide answers for complete healthcare and medical services digitalization. Our systems and experts will stand by you when you need to drastically transform your core mission. We help you analyze your needs and current solutions, integrate, or replace them, turning your institution into digitally transformed champion of 100% digitalized, integrated, streamlined processes, enabling you to focus on healthcare and patients instead of managing difficult to use information technology solutions.

Focus on your patients!

World champions for world champions

You have all that’s necessary to become a casino owner or you want to optimize or upgrade your existing casinos business, land based or online. You are in search for a modern casino management system that is compliant with G2S standard or a very fast and intuitive central unified gaming platform for your multichannel brands that is easy to configure and use. You need a development team for your casino’s digital transformation, rebranding or remote setup, configuration, monitoring and operation.

We are world champions of online and land based digital solutions, the preferred partner of biggest players in the field. We understand and have already implemented almost everything in the world of gaming. We stay in a long-term business relationships and provide complete digital solutions. We have the first digital one stop shop centralized solution for all types of casinos being managed from one place, and what is even more important, also from any cloud. We not only master all the new technologies, we’re also the ones inventing and developing them. More than dozen extremely successful stories in branding of the world champions online casinos are behind us used by our very satisfied clients. We can rebrand your casino, develop or offer our game management, loyalty programs and campaign management or player management system among others, or build your next future platform... We have done that many times until now, every time with great market success.

Stay a world champion - or become one!

Be digitalized, own your energy!

We believe that today anyone of any age who owns or rents a property should have an opportunity to became electrical energy manager and producer by actively participating in the complete producing, transporting, and consuming process. Energy management world changed, whether it is about green energy, energy production, energy transport, predictive energy system maintenance, energy efficiency or new energy-based technologies demands new business models. Now, businesses, persons or households and public administration all love to optimize their energy consumption. We are all becoming small or big electric energy producers.

Our energy management digital solutions will help you organize, centralize, and control your energy needs, suppliers, and consumption. Energy management as a service will enable you to be more flexible, shave peaks, have better control and overview and consequently, optimize your energy consumption and lower your costs and energy transport losses. We have assets to help you build your complete energy consumption optimization model from financing it to enabling you to actively participate in those new future business models, not only as a software but also providing assets and gadgets that fit you best. Start your energy management transformation by acquiring our services to prepare your future business model.

Ineor is also a Siemens Energy Manager (Pro) land-based or on cloud solution implementer. We even developed our own electrical vehicle charging system, ready to offer your next business transforming your parking space to your next money generator or saver.

Let us manage your energy management strategy!

The next revolution has arrived!

You know that digital factories are not just a buzzword not only by seeing your competition massively changing in that direction. You understand that you must control your processes, replace uncontrollable with automated and all your unknown unknowns must become known unknowns and then controlled knowns. The 4th industrial revolution emphasized the necessity of completely digitalized manufacturing planning, management and industry specific processes running in your factory. Those who haven't started working on that journey are already too late.

We are partnering Siemens, traditionally the market leading company on that subject for some time now. We are also actively supporting RiOT, the biggest IoT community in the world. We provide safe digital transformations for your manufacturing business, whether you want a digitalized manufacturing, top-shelf ERP systems, future working process oriented MES system or even the worlds future EDGE or SCADA systems. We have the experience and solutions to help you with that process, from IoT knowledge to in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and digital solutions for them.

Let Ineor manufacture your digital future!

Replacing the bureaucratization with the digitalization!

Bureaucratic governments and public sector are not fashionable at all anymore. You are thinking about digitally transforming your public sector by implementing very lightweight paperless processes supported by automated decisions, totally integrated but micro-serviced solutions, replacing documents with records, taking decisions based on mathematical predictions, minimal or no human intervention automated processing, unified e-government solutions and mobile phone notifications and user actions citizens and system administrators apps, specialized fraud management systems, and modern risk management solutions, automated data processing and all of that digitally integrated. Modern, citizen-oriented information technology systems with interconnected real time public sector digital communications are not a dream today, it’s a reality. Modern digitally enabled countries can today focus on their development, better citizen, and business conditions, and best of breed international relationships. Public sector stakeholders are leading the process of digital transformation enabling the same process for the industry.

Whether it’s about collecting taxes, regulating the processes, re-skilling the workers or managing the country (un)employment process, controlling your banking system, or taking total control of building your infrastructure projects among others, we have the solutions to complete or build that complicated (usually more than in the industry) process. Our knowledge, experience and solutions combined with top specialist partners and “on budget, zero-bugs, ahead of time” mentality enable us to make even the most complicated tasks easily achievable.

Lead the way with us!

Don’t count your workforce, make the workforce count.

The most important thing about HR is the H. You need a centralized, uniform, digitalized One-Stop-Shop Human resources management system that interconnects all processes from the talent spotting (identifying), HR bureaucratic and legal processes to the most important one - skillset building and alumni management.

If you are a scouting agency or a company that could not get an access to such a solution, we have one for you. If you are a person wanting to take control over his knowledge management and growth, we have the solution for you.

Now, we can provide your next complete HR solution – one central system going from HR needs, predictive planning to complete recruiting process - but what’s more important, automated career guidance with self-management portal, skill management and training portals and all other legal or bureaucratic processes, enabling you to focus on developing your employees, not on processes needed. We are ready to build your next re-skilling and building your company competences solution.

Hire character, train skills! We're here to help.

Safe and predictively controlled finance management.

You need better and cheaper solutions aligned with the newest trends in information technology. You need some company that can provide answers based on your data. You need someone to analyze your processes and make order in your digital portfolio. You need someone to provide small but effective solutions running on mobile devices. You need strong automated risk management not just because the regulations demand it.

We are providing total digitalization for all finance industry, from payment providers to small and big banks. Our solutions will help you to be 100% digitalized and results (instead of problem) oriented. Our solutions will help you keep risks under control in real time, being able to use every opportunity quickly and with minimal, acceptable risk. You can now also provide the predictive maintenance services and step safely on this complicated cross discipline business field.

Turn risks into opportunities!

A complete solution.

We provide complete solutions, leaving no room for errors. We help you develop the idea, we can do business analysis to support it, prepare the project for development and guide you through all phases of development and implementation.

Many of our tailor-made solutions and services have proven to be game changers; they are distinguished for their high responsiveness, scalability, excellent user experience, zero bugs and ease of maintenance – and, of course, high-end aesthetic design and functionality.

They are set for rapid development and the shortest time to market, great flexibility and scalability, are platform and cloud independent while complying with all relevant industry standards and legal requirements.

Ineor develops just what our clients actually need

Our extensive knowledge of technologies and cloud solutions enables us to develop the solution quickly and efficiently, producing sleek backends with all needed connectivity to other systems. Our devops team makes sure development and testing goes hand in hand, making sure product is on time and with zero errors. We can deploy it on premise or in any cloud, integrate it with your other solutions and provide training and consultation for use.

Of course, we also provide not only top 24/7 support, but also maintain and update our solution, do a whole lifecycle management, and go hand in hand with client when it comes to identifying new needs and ideas, looking to develop new generation of solution with new technologies, even more usable and powerful.

Reliable design patterns, great user experience

Many of our tailor-made solutions and services have proven to be game changers; they are distinguished for their high responsiveness, high-end aesthetic design and functionality, excellent user experience and ease of maintenance.

They are set for rapid development and the shortest time to market, great flexibility, and scalability, are platform- independent while complying with all relevant industry standards.

The best UX will not function without putting in the necessary effort. Our UX and UI design specialists are excellent in crafting innovative multi- device solutions with an adaptive and/or responsive design, providing a great user experience. Therefore, our solutions are quickly and widely accepted by the target audience.

Interested in working with Ineor? Contact us!

All services software integration.

We have a strong competitive advantage when it comes to system integration development. We have successfully developed and integrated various systems from on-premises enterprise legacy systems that represent core business processes, mobile solutions which provide powerful information and providing dynamic decision support on smartphones and tablets, to transforming existing solutions to innovative cloud services by developing cloud-platform agnostic integration services.

Our typical project consists of building complex business logic while working on implementing multiple technology stacks across different languages and frameworks, components and cloud services that together help our clients to get more out of their current systems and provide vital information to their users while preserving the most valued data for their eyes only.

Hybrid integration – integrating into existing services & adapting cloud services to the existing environment

In the recent years, we have shared our expertise with some of the leading companies in their industries to successfully integrate various 3rd party solutions, boasting a consistent look and feel provided by an intuitive user interface.

Ineor’s development and support processes and organization, specialized teams with vast expertise in different platforms and clouds analyzed many new platforms or products and integrated them into customers’ existing IT environments, strongly focusing on assuring excellent results. We have already built, developed, and integrated several solutions running on platforms like Google Cloud, SAP HANA, Salesforce, MS Azure, and many others.

Interested in working with Ineor? Contact us!

Analysis, Consulting, Engineering.

We will help you achieve total digital transformation of your business, turning you into a world champion. We will analyze company’s processes, solutions, needs, assets, and any other relevant information and turn it into a single plan of action for digital transformation.

We can provide not only analysis and consulting, but also engineering and integrator services. We will find best specialist providers (or use your or our knowledge, assets and staff), and then we’ll coordinate, supervise and integrate their work.

We can be there when you need an idea, when you need to turn it into actions, do the development, integration and implementation, testing, support ... We do the whole cycle and when there is a need for update and upgrade, we’re ready to help you get to a new, higher level.

Our world champion clients usually start with some of the services, but in the end, they trust us completely and just turn the whole process over to us – and then recommend us around.

Interested in working with Ineor? Contact us!

Our team is your team.

Our team of proven software engineers can develop whole solutions – or help you finish your projects, pushing them past milestones, integrating them into your digital ecosystem or just help you with QA testing and improvements.

Our team is extremely agile and flexible, so it can take over from your team or just add team members you need in any given moment.

  • Providing proven integration solutions for a future based platform landscape.
  • Tailoring and unifying processes to integrate new applications and services aligned with all specific business requirements.
  • Reverse engineering (if needed) for integrating vital products and services.
  • Combining existing subsystems into an integrated solution by intuitive unified GUI on all devices as a central point − responsive and adaptive design.
  • Engineering great UIs to “stand by you” and helping simply and efficiently accomplishing given tasks.

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Low Code / No Code.

Digital solutions do not need to be complicated and expensive. Small challenges need small, fast (but still integrated with the rest of the systems) solutions without big costs. They need the future: no code / low code solutions.

When it comes to digital knowledge, every company has many power users. You’d be surprised how many of them know a lot about programming and digitalization – they are the ones that always think about digitalizing their non-digital work.

They are the ones tinkering with Excel or databases, always finding online tools to make their work more efficient. But the truth is that they are wasted resources. With our no code / low code solutions, based on Siemens Mendix platform, you can harness their power and start building a network of small, fast solutions that are organized and integrated into your digital ecosystem, being available to all instead of just some, without the need of getting into big, expensive development processes over and over again. We can offer not only the Mendix no code / low code platform, but also consulting, training, support and if needed, our engineers to help your employees to quickly build future-proof solutions that will take your business to new level. We are a certified Mendix partner with certified engineers, able and ready to jump in at short notice.

Interested in working with Ineor? Contact us!

The Revolution.

The revolution is coming.

Ineor SN&P is a highly customizable, easy to use, ground-breaking platform and store that enables its user to find all necessary new digital solutions, connect and integrate existing ones or develop (by themselves or with Ineor help) new ones.

Ineor SN&P platform is cloud-agnostic, scalable and provides all the necessary framework and modules that enables the needed functionalities, storage, and connectivity services to backends enabling use of low-code/no-code solutions.

  • And of course, it is supported by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence functionalities (optional) to enable the whole ecosystem to function as smartly and efficiently as possible. User can just choose new solutions and snap them together with their existing ones, automatically interconnecting and integrating them in an organized, efficient and communicating digital ecosystem (framework). bIn the Ineor SN&P Store different digital business solutions are available, from basic document management, processes portfolio and management solutions to complete risk management (UseRisk), strategy and problem solver and many more – all of them cooperating seamlessly.

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committing to technology, innovations and each individual customer to provide a tech-savvy business that will grow, stand out and be flexible.

Our company culture highlights.

We are building great things and hiring talented experts.

What assembles your culture, what are your values, attitudes, and goals? What drives your progress, what makes you the best? People like us give internal common culture highly significant meaning, and are aware of the necessity of nurturing these fundamental guidelines.

  • At Ineor we are constantly committing to technology, innovations, and each individual customer to provide a tech-savvy business that will grow, stand out and be flexible.
  • We and our customers benefit from the fact that we are highly focusing on our customers’ needs to deliver crucial parts of our customers success stories.
  • We are timely engaging in completing assigned or selected tasks, confidently facing challenges, and constantly thriving in adding new software development tricks up your sleeves.
  • At Ineor we are on a constant quest for knowledge and being more than happy to take our coworkers with us.
  • We are straight forward, open-minded, and reliable – someone who faces challenges through honest thought-through conversations
  • We are trustworthy, trustful, and know how to keep the spirit up when things get nervous.
  • At Ineor we are fairly easily at adopting to set goals and constantly aware of what our professional success means – success of your team, success of whole company and success for our customer!

Interested in working with Ineor? See available jobs and apply.

Some company benefits at Ineor.

But Ineor is much more than just a champion software development company. Stay longer, learn and grow daily, achieve more and experience our beneficials.

  • By working at Ineor you can use the benefits of our competitive financial package with attractive bonuses for exceeded expectations and promotion system that is based on values and knowledge
  • Infinite full-time employment with 6 months trial period and top equipment to begin with
  • Ineor coworkers can benefit from our constant professional development as a leader and as a specialist with internal and external workshops, conferences, and educational programs on the globally highest level
  • At Ineor every coworker is important, and we tend to grant best circumstances to encourage your professional and personal growth while possible
  • We take care about our students and associate engineers by providing world class mentorship programs
  • At Ineor students benefit not only from our financial scholarships, but also all other regular employees benefits that are available without obligations
  • Our coworkers benefit from our several encouragements and entablements for healthy lifestyle
  • Additional family bonuses and inclination to ease work rhythm especially for young parents are set for the company foundation
  • We are working with latest and greatest technologies, infrastructure, development and project management tools, principles, and equipment
  • We are working for a world leading companies with excellent business and financial status
  • By co-working at Ineor you can also benefit from the available possibilities to learn from and work for companies that are the world champions in their field of operation
  • We are working on world leading products and projects
  • Simply by doing your job you have unique chance to influence not only strategy and future of Ineor, but also to influence technological trends worldwide
  • Ineor hosts exceptional company events for regular and special occasions
  • We take care about our relaxed professional work environment with top work ethics in Maribor and Ljubljana offices (your choice)
    • Offices in Ljubljana are in a mansion from 1760, and they are as majestic as can get. Baroque with some original frescoes to spice up the video calls.
    • Offices in Maribor are completely new, bright, and filled with futuristic details.
    • Opportunities to work abroad at world champion offices
  • We put special attention to keep our work environment very peaceful, calm, honest and encouraging – so no fakers, breakers, troublemakers!

Interested in working with Ineor? See available jobs and apply.

Our engineering team mission.

Our employee is a vital part of a world-class software engineering company with clear vision and mission, laser-cut focused strategy. At Ineor you are a key part of your team and therefore company’s greater champion’s achievements picture. Thrive as a part of a harmonized and united team!

  • Constructively liaise and cooperate with various company departments to understand business requirements, co-create the complete functional specifications, precisely engineer, write efficient code, massively develop, build, and deliver proof of concepts and complex information technology solutions and reasonably help/guide the engineering process thru our predefined channels
  • Supremely perform highest level of development assignments requiring an aptitude of established programming standards, methods, and best practices to unconditionally build sophisticated Front-end and optimized Back-end solutions
  • Enjoy writing reusable libraries and highly efficient clean, readable code
  • Solve and integrate complex/interdependent processes and different information technology solutions
  • Analyze our existing products and architectures, find, and suggest improvements thru our predefined channels and implement them
  • Build or renew existent solutions to the newest technologies
  • Write unit/integration tests and maintain excellent code quality
  • No compromises when dealing with the Information Security
  • Follow our optimal Agile Programming and Software Engineering best practices
  • Provide technical support and solutions to technical issues
  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with offshore teams
  • Take care about our customers solutions as they are our own solutions therefore your solutions
  • Support our world champion solutions production environment and clients
  • Maintain and take care for your solution on staging and production environments
  • Easily become our go-to-person when code gets a mind of its own
  • Be an example of a team player
  • Be an important part and thrive to become a leader inside a team of a team of enthusiastic engineers to become our world class expert engineer
  • Regularly communicate with your team and our customers to understand what must be done and how to be done
  • Regularly present what you did to your team and our customers
  • Occasionally also coordinate work of internal and external teams (at Ineor and at our partners’)
  • Constantly seek and find the best solutions - plan and upgrade modules and solutions to newer technologies or programming languages - develop new platforms – create new technologies - utilize innovative approaches – disrupt when necessary!

Interested in working with Ineor? See available jobs and apply.

Your fundamental profile.

At Ineor we are all fundamentally linked by being technologically curious. Our technical (and perhaps yours also) profile includes all basics, and those basics are Ineor entry-level ticket for every technical level individual engineer is at, when he joins us.

  • Highly organized and analytical
  • Up to date on industry trends and possessing high standards of excellence
  • Previous experience building scalable web applications
  • Fundamental knowledge of design and architectural principles and patterns and development best practices
  • Skilled in working across multiple devices and platforms
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration, Object-oriented programming, and Code optimization/profiling
  • Skilled in automation, integration, and unit testing
  • Knowledge of concurrency patterns, networking basic principles and Information Security principles
  • Familiar with web development basics (HTML, Sass/CSS, TypeScript/JavaScript)

Interested in working with Ineor? See available jobs and apply.

Open positions

E-POSLOVANJE 2019 – 2022

Podjetje INEOR d.o.o. je pri Javni agenciji Republike Slovenije za spodbujanje podjetništva, internacionalizacije, tujih investicij in tehnologije pridobilo sredstva na Javnem razpisu za vzpostavitev ali nadgradnjo elektronskega poslovanja v MSP v obdobju 2019–2022 »E-POSLOVANJE 2019 - 2022« za operacijo, ki jo delno sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

Namen operacije je z vzpostavitvijo ali nadgradnjo elektronskega poslovanja izboljšati možnosti pri vstopu oziroma širitvi poslovanja na tuje trge in tako povečati mednarodno konkurenčnost.

Cilj operacije je s prevzemom elektronskega načina poslovanja lažje vstopati v globalne verige vrednosti in na nove trge ter povečati mednarodno konkurenčnost poslovanja podjetja.

Rezultati operacije:

  • digitalizacija nastopa na sejmu
  • spletna stran za tuje trge
  • spletna trgovina
  • produktno-prodajni video
  • krepitev kompetenc - usposabljanje

Operacija bo trajala do 31. 8. 2022, skupna vrednost operacije znaša 29.995,00 EUR. Operacijo sofinancirata Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj (ESRR) in Republika Slovenija.

Več o evropski kohezijski politiki v Sloveniji na spletni strani: