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Striving to be the most agile, innovative, and trusted software solutions company with no compromises on quality and design. By striving always to be two steps ahead, surpassing and creating top-level industry standards, understanding our customers’ needs and challenges, and developing customer-tailored solutions.

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Your unique challenges require smart and agile solutions! Important solutions should not happen in a vacuum. Let us help you get geared up for them.

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CAN YOU SOLVE IT - THE MOST ADVANCED FIRST AID FOR THE MOST COMPLEX IT PROBLEMS. The fastest and easiest way to build, integrate and extend applications.

With no-code / low code/extended code solutions, on the Siemens Mendix platform, you can start building a network of small, fast solutions that are organized and integrated into your digital ecosystem, being available to all instead of just some, without the need of getting into big, expensive development processes over and over again.

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ALWAYS BE ONE STEP AHEAD IN BUSINESS - When the competition is not yet aware of the risks, you can turn them into opportunities - automatically.

UseRisk by its function of raising the awareness and rates of detectability enables managers to respond in real-time and take additional risk mitigation steps to boost your organization's resilience and keep it running even during worst-case scenarios.

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We don’t gamble for your future. We make it a fun game.

We have successfully developed, deployed, and supported various gaming solutions, from single services to comprehensive market-leading Software as a Service products operating on different Ineor developed platforms and on multiple channels (web, tablet, mobile), running on-premises or/and in clouds, set up by Ineor.

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Future technologies. Today. On-time. On budget. 0 bugs.

Implementing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies is an exciting task with incredible opportunities for expansion, innovation, and impact on your business. With access to enormous amounts of data along with the facilitation of algorithmic and hardware advancements, we are transferring AI from the research and academic sphere to business.

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How do we work? Are we on time? Are we on a budget? Are we aligned with our strategy? Save time and meetings and let technology work for you in the future.

Ineor SN&P is a highly customizable, easy-to-use, and ground-breaking platform that enables its user to effectively plan, manage and monitor all business operations. Supported by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence functionalities (optional) you can enable the whole ecosystem to function as smartly and efficiently as possible.

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People don’t change. Problems don’t change. Technology does change them.

The transporter is a mobility digitalization solution enabling the public and other transport companies to offer on-call or subscriptions for transfer services.

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A world-leading international software development company providing global, complete, and advanced:

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E-government solutions

Energy management

New mobility


Online and land-based solutions

Business AI

Gaming platforms


Financial applications (including Risk Management)

Industrial software, etc.

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Above years of experience and past job titles, the key attributes we are after are a passion for delivering high-quality work, an ambition for continuous improvements, and enthusiasm for all things tech. Looking for knowledgeable and driven individuals of all professional experience levels to reinforce our digital teams.

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