Your first 6 months at Ineor

Sunday, August 21th 2022
Your first 6 months at Ineor The 1st month: onboarding program

The main goal of our onboarding program is to ease your transition into a new environment, help you get acquainted with the people you will work with, and help you understand our culture and way of work.

  • Before your arrival, we will handle all the necessary paperwork, order your computer and other equipment by your choice and prepare your desk.
  • On your first day, you will learn about our company and its structure, culture, vision, mission, and values. Then you will meet up with your buddy, who will reveal to you all the informal “good to know '' information, like, where we keep the snacks, and show you how to make the best coffee.  You will meet your new team members, play some ping pong, and read all the necessary policies. 
  • Optional. In the first week you will also meetup with your mentor to discuss your growth path. You will assess your current knowledge and together with your mentor draw up a plan for courses, certifications and any other events and conferences you would like to attend.
  • With your PM you will also get on boarded onto the project and jump straight in, with all the support and help you need.

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