Rebranding and redesigning through technological upgrade / sector: gaming

Wednesday, August 24th 2022
Rebranding and redesigning through technological upgrade  / sector: gaming
  • Online casino re-branding
  • Improving user-experience
  • Fast improvement and better business results

Any business that connects to its customers through a web page and bases their CMS and campaigns to drive sales to a web page and back-end solution is aware that only the best looking and engaging user experience can deliver the results needed. Online casinos are one of the most exposed and vulnerable players with this business model.

A client requested Ineor to completely re-brand and redesign their various products, to drive growth and increase KPI’s.

Ineor used different frameworks and new technologies to completely optimize the first brand selected. Through modernization of graphical interfaces, improved user experience and rebuilding missing custom functionalities like campaign management, loyalty programs and other needed services, our customer immediately noticed business improvements on all KPIs. At the same time Ineor set the technical, marketing and platform base for future needed changes by using our small and very efficient agile team in a short time. Every further re-branding of other products took less and less time.

Rebranding secured popularity of all products for our customer and secured them with future growth.

After Ineors successful execution and a satisfied customer case, Ineor executed more than dozen cases (including world biggest brands) online casino re-brands and redesigns.

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