Complete Online/Land-based Cloud Based Casino Management Platform/sector: gaming

Thursday, August 25th 2022
Complete Online/Land-based Cloud  Based Casino Management Platform/sector: gaming
  • Complete product development lifecycle
  • Cloud-based central platform
  • The first cloud-based casino management operations platform on the market

Renowned European lottery and gaming provider faced many of the industry tough issues (growing product portfolio, attracting new and retaining existing players, improving game portfolio, securing growth, implementing new sales channels, with rising online business implementing technologies that detect fraud, and technologies that implement personalization of products for its customers, while proving the highest compliance and regulatory demands) while having an extensive product development cycle ongoing and adapting their controlling of the business through technology.

Our customer requested us to help solve specific but complex issues – managing product development lifecycle, managing the development of new technological modules and gaming solutions into the complex Casino Management Platform, and managing the mix of transparency of both gaming channels (land-based and online) and improved its overview and management. 

Ineor offered a wide range of analytical and integration services, consultancy on data, app and system architecture, and development operation. By joining the big, complex team of independent companies that were developing the desired modules or integrating their gaming solutions into the complex Cloud based Casino Management Platform, Ineor developed the missing modules and solutions or functionalities, suggested improved architecture, and executed parts of the architecture consolidation projects. The customer valued mostly our quality assurance during the whole development and execution of the project as well as our ability to develop operations and our support services. Ineor also executed development operations, support and product testing and upgrades, and technical improvements of different existing solutions by upgrading their architecture design.

We managed to consolidate all land based and online products to a new platform management system (back office) solution and created a central solution based on services. The platform was the first cloud-based casino management operations platform on the market. The products derived from this platform can run on any cloud. Ineor proved its huge experience in developing solutions for betting (real, virtual and eSports), gaming (games and slots), instants, and lotteries.

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