Turn risks into opportunities
– and take advantage of them!

What is not measured cannot be managed! Smart risk management monitoring, analytics, and reporting enable organizations to prepare for all sorts of risks and domino effects. UseRisk- by its function of raising the awareness and rates of detectability enables managers to respond in real-time and take additional risk mitigation steps to boost your organization's resilience and keep it running even during worst-case scenarios. 

UseRisk is an advanced, innovative solution for efficient and centralized management and control of all risks and opportunities associated with your company or organization.

By using UseRisk, you will effectively manage virtually every aspect of your company's governance, compliance, and performance, automatically and in real-time. Combine it with risk prevention measures and set alarms and procedures, and you can easily automate your responses, save time in internal communication and overcome hurdles in no time.

When the competition
is not yet aware of the risks,
You can turn them into
opportunities - automatically

What does UseRisk offer you?

Provides a detailed overview of all risks and opportunities at the company level and supports all processes for their management and administration.

Allows assessment of the positive financial effects on opportunities and the total profit or loss in risk management (P&L analysis).

Provides digitization and automation of processes by introducing and supporting advanced algorithms such as the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and their dynamic real-time management.

Allows anticipating risks and identifying and exploiting opportunities, ensuring increased resilience and effectiveness in risk management and the discovery and development of new opportunities.

Compliant with international standards and regulations in the field of risk management, such as COSO, PMI and ISO 31000.

The solution runs in the cloud or in your own information environment and is constantly accessible from a variety of authorized devices.

Enables full integration with other information solutions and external services.

Users, risk catalog, units of measurement, aspects, risk indicators and other parameters can be easily adjusted according to the requirements and needs of each company.

Provides powerful reports, useful process insights, systematic reviews at all levels, and advanced risk reporting.

UseRisk enables a deep insight to all risks and opportunities on a company level and supports all processes that can be managed and controlled – it has an architecture of multiple levels (service, ops, mid management, top management, etc.) and multiple dimensions (finance, HR, projects, subprojects, etc.). Overview is aggregated to individual needs (with KPI’s, warnings, reports, etc.) and data aggregated is shown according to employee roles or authorisations or permissions.

All data in the application has an audit trail that allows easy insight into changes in the application and processes for audit or other control procedures.

Managing user identity is simple and is done in such a way that each user can be assigned different dimensional units.

The application sends notifications, either to an email address, phone number or direct alerts within the (mobile) application.

The solution allows you to choose at least two risk management methodologies (COSO, PMI), as well as any other.

With the introduction of UseRisk, your organization will:

Become more responsive, able to implement measures to protect and eliminate the negative effects of risks and develop new opportunities.

Establish a unified solution for managing risks and opportunities in the company, supported by advanced technologies and functionalities.

Gain a detailed overview of risks and opportunities with an emphasis on key risks and trends with actual financial impact.

Automate responses and shorten meeting times. Let technology work for you!

Improve decision-making, proactive leadership, competitiveness, overall performance, operational and financial efficiency, and increase profits.