Business AI

Be AI smart with Ineor

Implementing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies is an exciting task with incredible opportunities for expansion, innovation, and impact on your business. With access to enormous amounts of data along with the facilitation of algorithmic and hardware advancements, we are transferring AI from the research and academic sphere to business.

If you strive to improve your existing processes, increasing added value and improving your business bottom-line creating more profit, unique and tailored state of the art solutions will serve your efforts to become the quickest in the future.

Ineor has extensive experience and tracks a record of game-changing future technology implementations. But as any given business is unique, so is the challenge and solution. We do our best to be a reliable advisor, on-time SW provider, and long-term partner.


What do we offer?

Consulting and analysis of your data, processes, products, and needs, to find optimal business AI solutions

The architecture of connection between systems, IOT’s, data flows, and external data to support your BI processes and improve your prediction capabilities with AI

Producing and implementing business AI solutions

Setting up a complete business AI ecosystem for enterprises

Knowledge transfer to your team

Setting up of your own AI center

Business AI upgrade of existing technologies/solutions

What can our team do for you?

teach you how to work with data and recognize your data leaks

observe your whole data economy and provide solutions for your specific needs and challenges

support all of your products and domains

transfer our knowledge to your team

set up your own independent AI teams or support you long-term

to achieve the point of you being an independent player in the AI field, we’ll help you set up your own AI innovation center.


Our goal is not just to provide a black-box AI solution for you and then leave. Success for us is to first analyze your AI problems (or find business areas in which you could use them for the first time), so you can see what can be done, and then work together with you to:

set up your own independent AI teams and develop solutions together or,

develop and deploy business AI solutions for you and educate your team not only on their internal workings but also on how to maintain and improve them (with our help, if necessary).