Influence the future of Ineor, its clients, and technological trends worldwide!



Extraordinary technology, innovation & passion

We are global leaders, making our clients the world champions in their field. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, surpass top-level industry standards, and create new trends. Become a part of a lasting positive change in the world.

Top knowledge

The opportunity to work with top experts and with renowned, global brands in gaming, AI, new mobility, energy management, telecom, healthcare and other industries.

Career development

By joining our Ineor Talent Academy, you are signing up for the only program in the region that provides education at the university level, with a special emphasis on practical knowledge. Learn from top experts on the latest technologies, obtain certificates at the highest level, and attend events and conferences worldwide. Paid in full by us, we can tailor the program to your ambitions and desires, so that you can level up your career.

Become an expert

With only 1 completed semester, you become one of the 0.5% of top experts in Slovenia.

Become professional

With two completed semesters, you grow into the top 1% of professionals in the region.

Rewards for team & company accomplishments

Regular and special bonuses, extraordinary team buildings, attendance at popular events worldwide, and remarkable career opportunities – the company’s success is our employees’ success.

Comprehensive employee care

Our programs for healthy living (including healthy eating, and physical & mental exercise) support the long-term well-being of our employees.

Best working environment

The comfort of working from home or in renovated, well-equipped offices in 2 locations (Ljubljana and Maribor) with flexible working hours.

We care about your worries

You can always bring your worries to work. Even the ones you never thought you could.


Ineor is a world-leading international software development company providing global, complete, and advanced:

E-government solutions

Financial applications (including Risk Management)

Online and land-based gaming platforms

Business AI

New mobility

Energy management



Industrial software, etc.

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We are looking for knowledgeable and driven individuals of all professional experience levels to reinforce our digital teams. Above years of experience and past job titles, the key attributes we are after are a passion for delivering high-quality work, an ambition for continuous improvements, and enthusiasm for all things tech.

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In senior roles, we expect our employees to be value multipliers in our company, helping us advance our colleagues, company, and culture. And in junior and student roles we can guide you and teach you to get the experience you need and the opportunities you deserve.

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Get to know us

At Ineor you can work in the comfort of your own home or in renovated, well-equipped offices inon 2 locations (Ljubljana and Maribor) with flexible working hours. The only mandatory presence are daily team meetings and our awesome team building events. As we are pet friendly you can also take your cute dog with you!

We work in groups based on the client or our internal project, usually in a team of 3-5 people + one of our incredible project managers. You get to choose the project you would like to work on, and by gaining new skills and knowledge, you can switch to another. So there is no way, your knowledge, skills or career will stagnate. No code monkeys here!

Based on your technology pack you are also part of either the BE, FE, QA, DevOps, Unity etc. team with your tech lead. With weekly meetings and daily chats this support allows you to stay on top of your skills, share and gain your knowledge and newly discovered hacks, and get help with crushing those annoying bugs.

Our tech leads are fierce decision-makers regarding programming languages, frameworks, and other tools. They make sure we are on top of the latest technologies, mentor junior members and new-commers, and help with technical matters, including reviewing code and design.

Our Team Lead is some kind of bridge between management (director, project manager, customer) and the development team and vice versa. They make sure we stay connected, communicate openly about all the things, and help us reach our goals.

Application - Invitation to an online introduction call (1 day) - Introduction call with the Head of recruiting and HR coordinator, where we discuss present more about our company, and discover your ambitions and expectations - Optional assignment to evaluate your knowledge (takes 3-8 hours to complete) - Assignment evaluation and feedback (2 days) - Technical meeting in person with the Head of recruiting and tech lead, where we discuss the solved assignment and our proposal of job position - Preparation of job offer, sent my email for your review (3 days) - Last meeting in person with the Head of recruiting to review the job offer and contract signing.

Average hiring process time: 20 days.

Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, HTML, SASS, CSS, Phyton, GoLang

Build and Runtime Environments: Microsoft .NET Core and .NET Framework, Microsoft ASP. NET CORE and ASP.NET, Spring and Spring Boot, Node.js, Unity

Web Frameworks: React, Angular.js and Angular, Vue.js

Mobile Frameworks: Flutter, Android native, Unity

Communication Streams: RESTFull API-s, Apache Kafka, ActiveMQ, Amazon SQS, SignalR

DevOps Platforms: GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Atlassian (Jira, Confluence)

Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, MindSphere, Mendix, SAP Hana, Firebase

Databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, MariaDB, Firebase, Firestore, ElasticSearch, MS Entity Framework

Testing Tools: JUnit/NUnit, Protractor, Karma, TestRail, XRay

Virtualizations: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Authentication Systems and Protocols: Keycloak, Spring Security, Firebase Auth, OpenID, Connect, OAuth

Machine Learning: TensorFlow, Python Keras, Firebase ML

Design Systems: OpenUI5, SAP Fiori, Material Design, Bootstrap, Swagger

The 1st month: onboarding program

The main goal of our onboarding program is to ease your transition into a new environment, help you get acquainted with the people you will work with, and help you understand our culture and way of work.

  • Before your arrival, we will handle all the necessary paperwork, order your computer and other equipment by your choice and prepare your desk.
  • On your first day, you will learn about our company and its structure, culture, vision, mission, and values. Then you will meet up with your buddy, who will reveal to you all the informal “good to know '' information, like, where we keep the snacks, and show you how to make the best coffee.  You will meet your new team members, play some ping pong, and read all the necessary policies. 
  • Optional. In the first week you will also meetup with your mentor to discuss your growth path. You will assess your current knowledge and together with your mentor draw up a plan for courses, certifications and any other events and conferences you would like to attend.
  • With your PM you will also get on boarded onto the project and jump straight in, with all the support and help you need.

Over the course of your first 6 months at Ineor you will learn and grow based on the plan that you and your mentor drew up. You will meet up regularly, talk about your progress and adjust the program if needed. In the meantime you will work on projects where you can put your new gained knowledge to practice. After the 6 months, you will sit down with your mentor and PM and re-assess your knowledge and skills.

Of course, your learning path doesn’t stop there. Our Ineor Talent Academy is made for those that appreciate the knowledge and are up for lifelong learning. You will continue to learn from top experts on the latest technologies, obtain certificates at the highest level, and attend events and conferences around the world. Paid in full by us, we can tailor the program to your ambitions and desires, so that you can level up your career and become a professional.