Why are we?

INEOR derives from latin words “INEO”, which means new begginings and “Neos” which means something new and innovative.

People always seek New beginnings. It is no different when we think about technology helping us grow and find more time for what makes us happy.

It is no different when it comes to IT changing ways of working and future professions.

We are dedicated to constantly improving future competences, jobs, people, and the way technology works for us. With strong dedication and clearly set goals, we will continue to prove that new breakthrough technologies are there to improve our lives.

Who are we?

INEORISM : /ineoriz()m/ noun:

Committing to technology, innovations and each individual customer to provide a tech-savvy business that will grow, stand out and be flexible.

Ineor is an international software development company providing global, complete, and advanced software development services and breakthrough key innovative digital solutions for multinational companies, usually the world champions in their field of operation:

E-government solutions

Financial applications (including Risk Management)

Online and land-based gaming platforms

Business AI

New mobility

Energy management



Industrial software, etc.



We’ve started the same way many world-renowned companies did: from the vision and work of one man, our owner, and CEO Dejan Spasovski, who not only wanted to make great products and services for our clients, but also products and services which would leave a lasting positive influence on society as a whole.

Throughout our history, we have changed offices, platforms, and solutions, grown a big team of world-class engineers, and changed and reinvented our business and development processes, but one thing stays the same from day one: our unwavering commitment to our customers. We may adapt as our customers and their needs change, but our soul stays the same: we always deliver on time, on budget, and with zero bugs!

Our vision is clear!

Be the world’s most agile, innovative, and trusted software solutions company with no compromises on quality and design.

Our dedication

Our mission

we always deliver on time,
on budget, and with zero bugs!

By being a connected, proactive team of the world’s top experts and team players, continuously inventing, exchanging, and learning new technologies. By striving always to be two steps ahead, surpassing and creating top-level industry standards, understanding our customers’ needs and challenges, and developing customer-tailored solutions on time and with zero bugs.

Our Values


Our true value comes from our highly-skilled, committed, and constantly growing team of gaming products and services development experts. We are working with the latest technology, on the best equipment with a passion for lifelong learning. At Ineor you learn from top experts, obtain certificates at the highest level, attend events and conferences around the world and create the career of your dreams.

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Extremely agile

We are a connected, proactive team of the world’s top experts and team players, continuously inventing, exchanging, and learning new technologies, making sure we are always two steps ahead of our clients’ needs. Our passion for innovation allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible and elevate the use of technology in the modern world.

Focused on clients

Customers recognize Ineor for its innovative solutions, excellent execution on time, and with zero bugs. As Ineor evolves, it surpasses top-level industry standards and creates new trends. However, its essence always remains rooted in the needs and expectations of our customers.

Innovating for a better future for all

We are digitally transforming the world, bringing better life and better business results. At the heart of all our solutions, there are always humans and the challenges of everyday life. That is why our innovations enable societies to assess risks, master their most vital challenges, and create sustainable value for generations to come.

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Our team

It’s not important who is leading,
it’s important how we play.