IT takes a lot of time. Over the years, many companies accumulated specific SW solutions, and many have to be modernized, optimized, or changed. But how do we keep them in one place, with an overview function? Giving them an added value when it comes to saving time and effort getting through important business data every day? At Ineor, we have thought about this, and we have the answer.

How do we work? Are we on time? Are we on a budget? Are we aligned with our Strategy? There are answers that we ask ourselves daily. Save time and meetings and let technology work for you in the future.

Ineor SN&P is a highly customizable, easy-to-use and ground-breaking platform that enables its user to effectively plan, manage and monitor all business operations.

Supported by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence functionalities (optional) you can enable the whole ecosystem to function as smartly and efficiently as possible.

With a snap of a finger, you can assemble different business apps into a whole new creation that enables a rich and informed overview, KPI’s and data the way you need them! You can endlessly add (&) whatever your future needs. SN&P is a platform that underpins Ineor’s technology of the future moto.

Manage your business in your own way with SN&P

clearly organize, monitor, and manage all your company projects and processes in one place,

Increase collaboration and productivity across teams and departments,

Transform project data into actionable insights,

make decisions based on facts and reports

increase budget savings

shorten your time to market

customize your platform to best suit your needs

Make IT your own

SN&P comes with a variety of most used corporate and managerial apps, but you can furthermore extend IT with anything you like (optional extra implementation with API).

Make your life easy,
have everything in one place.

Apps within SN&P

Plan, execute, and track projects
  • quickly overview the project in different views (Gantt chart etc. …),
  • assign and prioritize tasks,
  • set project timelines, milestones, goals, budget, etc.,
  • be notified about reaching limits on budget, time etc.,
  • evaluate risks,
  • choose which projects should be continued and which canceled,
  • create reports for projects.

Get the big picture and align your strategies in the Strategy app:
  • organize and manage actions and goals,
  • monitor the progress of ongoing projects and view the reports on finished projects,
  • link your actions to external data sources like JIRA,
  • use the graphic control panel to easily overview and understand all the data within the app.

100% customizable and flexible to fit any workflow
  • new, graphical way of creating and storing workflows,
  • replacing hard coded transactions with graphical notation
  • enables users to create flows in more intuitive ways
  • configuring the objects in JSON format

Transform project data into actionable insights.
  • users can configure either JIRA integration, external service, or database integration
  • arrange access to other sources related to projects
  • gather high-quality, useful data that is then ready for analytics
  • simple and intuitive interface and dashboard, making it extremely user-friendly.

Keep everyone aligned and manage their accounts:
  • assign and delegate tasks,
  • assign roles and give your team rights-based access to joint projects.

Get the big picture with a complete overview of your company’s core information.
  • user-configurable dashboard for presenting all the business aspects of a company - from Finance, Operations, Logistics, Location, HR, Documents, Departments, to Marketing, Sales, Risks and any other operations you may have.

If you want a cleaner overview of your organization, switch to the Hierarchy app, a more transparent view of your company’s business rules, aspects, relationships, units etc.