Growing gaming business by developing a complete White label online casinos solution / sector: gaming

Friday, August 26th 2022
Growing gaming business by developing a complete White label online casinos solution / sector: gaming
  • A technical and business solution for iGaming
  • Technological, UI/UX, processes, standards, compliance challenges
  • Complete product technical development

If one is running a gaming business, it can also organically grow through the offering of a White label casinos (the white label is a technical and business solution for iGaming business composed of iGaming software, games, player support, payment system, the bonuses system and sublicensing system). 

Our client was trying to secure the most advanced and technically superior solution for White label issuing, searching for a reliable partner capable of independently improving, maintaining, and re-branding their existing product in development. Their main goal was to improve product quality, but they faced many challenges: technological, UI/UX, processes, standards, and compliance.

Ineor took over the complete product technology development and maintenance, started successfully resolving the technical problems, and provided 24/7 support. At the same time, Ineor provided platform reengineering services to ensure the product would be future proof, improved GUI and implemented missing modules and functionalities and completely re-branded the product. Ineor successfully digitally transformed the product providing future-proof white-label platform to our customer.

Customer achieved huge income growth and became empowered to set its position or enter new, demanding markets. Through early and leading development, our customer's brand was recognized as a world market leader. All White labeled casinos always stayed legally compliant, always following the massive legal and regulatory demands for online casinos. Some of the White label casinos had been successfully re-branded to a social casinos. As a result of Ineors reliable development cooperation, White label casinos income rose significantly (sometimes multiplied by several factors).

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