Keeping people happy is a tricky game. We have proven that we are able to deliver the most innovative and quick solutions, fulfilling all regulatory demands and helping implement breakthrough new products. Whether a new online business channel or managing a mix of land based and online gaming products, reliable and quick solutions have kept our biggest partnerships going for more than 10 years.

We are the world champions of online and land based digital solutions, and the preferred partner of the biggest players in the field. Our expert teams have been an integral force behind the launch of more than a dozen internationally recognized top 10 world-class online gaming brands. Find out more.


As the future of mobility is being fueled by technology-driven disruptive trends and new mobility services are ever more shared, connected, accessible and always on demand, mobility service providers are facing a challenge of a quick competitive pace when offering user friendly solutions. The software solutions behind them must provide several quite complex answers.

We have all the experience and knowledge to provide connected backend systems, user apps with astounding UX design, and integration with any other services. Whether it is crucial to quickly transform your business models or connect with customers in a new competitive way, implementing smart business tools that help lower CO2 and keep customers happy, or simply use partial solutions to upgrade to independent payment solutions or quickly create new digital windows with your customers. We are constantly proving that we are thinking ahead and are able to support your efforts in no time.


Humans and their everyday life needs are always at the heart of our solutions. With an aging population, accessible diagnostic capabilities, increased demand for individual approaches in healthcare, and patients that want to be more informed quickly, we understand that this segment is taking on a lot of pressure.

Smart digitalization does not have to be extensive, as you already use a lot of specific SW solutions for different areas of work that you have to do daily. We can help you analyze your current solutions, upgrade you through integration, replace them and even completely digitally upgrade your institution.

Turning core systems to work in your favor, cutting administrative time, extending your diagnostic capabilities, and securing new channels with patients when needed is at the top of our attention, as recent experiences in epidemiologic crisis have shown us.

We have given a strong initiative to answer the EU's calls in the smart healthcare segment. Our solution to bring future technologies to this segment includes connecting smart devices – human – automated diagnostic, which can improve healthcare response and implement AI in preventive care.

Our efforts in new and future technologies can enable you to do what you do best, focus on healthcare and patients, and leave the systems in the background to us.


We can provide total digitalization for all FinTech, from payment providers to small and big banks. Our solutions will help you to be 100% digitalized and result and customer-oriented.

With extensive experience we have helped many customers over the last decade to fully automate and digitalize their internal working processes, enabling shorter response time for customers and increasing their satisfaction. With constant regulatory changes, changes in a market economy, and changes in consumer behavior, every FinTech institution has to be able not only to analyze but predict future trends and prepare solutions upfront. We are helping you keep your FinTech company responsive and agile with a clear mission in mind – have an empowered way of achieving your strategic goals.

Even with smaller, but no less important issues, like quickly setting up your business channels or interconnecting pieces of your backend IT system, solutions can be provided for you quickly and with extensively lower cost.


The 4th industrial revolution is here and underway, consequently digitizing your manufacturing process is really a question of survival. We have, together with our subcontractors, the experience and solutions to help you with that process, from IoT knowledge to in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and digital solutions for them.

However, technologies of the future can give you an even more competitive edge. We do have competencies to help you to transform to Industry 5.0. implementing best user experiences, AI and machine learning, reducing errors, malfunctions, and manufacturing defects, thus helping you reduce your OPEX and optimize your CAPEX.

Keeping in mind compliance and risk prevention we have helped many implement customized solutions to improve their overall performance.

Manufacturing is always under the biggest pressure of profit and loss and by using cutting-edge technologies some of that pressure can be taken off.

Energy management

Whether you are a manufacturer or energy solution provider, there are always unanswered questions when it comes to optimal management of your processes or projects. With many implemented IT systems, lots of unused IoT data, and constant requirements for improved data processing, you are probably facing daily challenges and issues that ought to be tackled smartly.

Our offer does not include the best partial IT solutions, our mission is to give you the quickest and most holistic, fully digitalized and AI-supported customized solution.Energy management digital solutions will help you organize, centralize, and control your energy needs, suppliers, and consumptions, with new applications or through smart integration. Energy management as a service will enable you to be more flexible, shave peaks, have better control and overview and consequently, optimize your energy consumption and lower your costs.


Telcos are already one of the most digitized players in the industry, but their quick pace of implementing new, advanced new-tech solutions can mean that their digital ecosystem can be a tangled box of solutions that do not cooperate, are not connected, or even undermine each other. Our team of specialist software engineers will help you organize your digital solutions, improve, and integrate them, and, if needed, develop new, better ones.

Keeping in mind countless projects in this segment and constant pressure for higher revenue, we are certain that our app optimizing platform and low-code/no-code platform can change your game in the future.

Public sector

Public sector stakeholders should be leading the process of total digital transformation, not lagging behind it. They should be an example for the industry, not holding its digitalization back. Smart citizens, services in one spot, the best user experiences, accessible environmental and public services data, it seems like the most complex tasks are required to be answered by public institutions.

We have the solutions to complete that complicated (usually more than in the industry) process. Our knowledge, experience, and solutions combined with top specialist subcontractors and “on budget, zero-bugs, ahead of time” mentality enables us to make even the most complicated tasks achievable.

Whether it is a question of quickly digitizing, automating processes to relieve your workforce, avoiding overspending for new IT solutions, delivering new digital services or simply predict your future measures based on interconnected historical and current data – no issue is hard to solve for us.

Reliable and trusted by technology leaders

Proud to be partners with leading companies to support our customers beyond their basic needs. Establishing strong and long-lasting collaborations allows us to lead the rapidly changing industry with trendsetting technology.

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Ineor is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified company and a world leader in the information security and risk management (based on COSO, PMI and ISO 31000 methodology).

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