Your unique challenges require smart and agile solutions

We provide complete software development for your digital needs leaving no room for errors

We help you develop the idea with business analysis to support it

We guide you through all phases of software development and implementation

We develop, test and implement software that you actually need

We develop software solutions according to your needs

Change can be a burden. Especially if you are dealing with missing and incomplete information, inappropriate tools and technologies, using too many resources and spending way too much time, without any real success. If that sounds like you, then we can help you. With our technological leadership our mission is to improve your performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources, so that you can become a world champion. We do that by using data science and artificial intelligence, so that your processes are automated, your business digitalized and the technology and tools you have are serving YOU. Enabling you to focus on what is truly important.

Leave the backstage to us and step into the spotlight. Smart and informed transformation is a matter of future survival. And you can place your trust in us.

Our software solutions are real game-changers:

High responsiveness

Excellent user experience



High-end aesthetic design

Cloud independent


Zero bugs

Shortest time to market

Easy maintenance


Unleash your business potential

We use technologies of the future to help you grow

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges of businesses today. Every business has unique systems and business models, previous investments, employees that are resisting change and of course the pressure of time.

But digital transformation is more than that. It is a matter of future survival. Businesses need to be quick and agile, assess risks and foresee trends, all before their competition. And a generic approach to IT simply cannot support all of this.

Digitalizing every aspect of your performance must be upgraded with AI – machine learning, so that people unleash their creative talents, while the computer does the data and process work. We believe that this is the only way unorganized data and information can become organized and serve you. With a custom approach to your specific needs, we can transform your business, giving you more time and more control to realize your full potential.

Change does not need to be scary, expensive or take a long time. You just need the right partner.

Don’t reinvent it, connect it

We provide the most clever software integration services

With the thought of protecting your existing digital environments and previous investments, that took a lot of time and effort, we always strive to deliver the best possible solutions for system integration. By improving what you already have you save time and resources, allowing you a competitive advantage. We can proudly say we have successfully developed and integrated various SW integration systems, and transformed existing solutions into innovative and agile solutions, that allowed our clients to reach new heights.

Sometimes you need an honest advice when seeking your truth.

We support your transformation where needed

Maybe you are not ready to start yet. Maybe, you need a new plan, or simply assess time and cost. We understand. Our specialized experts will analyze all your processes and consider your needs and capabilities when drafting a plan of action. We can be there for you every step of the way. From your idea, to development, integration, and implementation, testing, support … We do the whole cycle and when there is a need for an update and upgrade, we’re ready to help you get to a new, higher level.

Most of our clients are long-term partners, that trust us to bring their ideas to life.

A dedicated team of IT consultants, engineers and ASW integrator architects can join together with specialist providers to execute the whole cycle of turning ideas into actions.

Our clients trusted us with the whole process of their digital transformation or just those steps of methodology that they really needed.

Analysis & consulting

Enginnering & integrator services

Specialist providers

Coordinate, supervise & integrate

Reliable and trusted by technology leaders

Proud to be partners with leading companies to support our customers beyond their basic needs. Establishing strong and long-lasting collaborations allows us to lead the rapidly changing industry with trendsetting technology.

Agile but standardized

Ineor is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified company and a world leader in the information security and risk management (based on COSO, PMI and ISO 31000 methodology).

ISO 9001


ISO/IEC 27001


ISO 31000