Smart and lower emission mobility is a huge issue for us and for future generations. It is undeniably connected to higher costs of operation and daily life, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are looking for solutions to be on top of mobility issues and still have a happy customer, we might just help you out.

The transporter is a mobility digitalization solution enabling the public and other transport companies to offer on-call or subscription for transfer services.

The transporter has a logic that fundamentally differs from other similar solutions:

It is centered around the user’s need to arrive at his destination at a precisely defined time and leave on return trip on a preset time.

His departure time is calculated and communicated to the user via app, which is also used to reserve the ride as one-off use or as a subscription. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Let technology worry about the real-time traffic and empower your drivers to deliver transport that the customer wants. Quick, predictable, and on time with predefined costs.

Integrated dispatch web interface and two mobile apps for users.

Lower emissions, lower costs

Transporter’s algorithm calculates rides in real-time (or at the preset time), making sure that:

users arrive and leave on time

users' ride time does not exceed the pre-set time

occupancy of your vehicles or fleet is as high as possible (and above pre-set limit)

route lengths of all vehicles are as short as possible, avoiding congestion, and reducing fleet fuel consumption and emissions.

Different users, different apps

Transporter has a dispatch web interface to control and manually correct ride distribution, a driver app (connected to an RFID reader for passenger identification/registration) and two mobile apps: one for normal users that can order/subscribe to rides for themselves or a special class of users – children. Children have their special app with limited functions: they cannot order/cancel rides and change other data. This is especially useful for parents who would like a transfer service to deliver/pick up children from extra-curricular activities, sports practices, and similar.

Transporter is platform and cloud-agnostic, with iOS and Android apps. It can be connected (via REST API’s) to other solutions/apps, making it flexible to be a part of a wider city card or similar ecosystem.

People don’t change.
Problems don’t change.
Technology does change them.

Main benefits and features

automatic scheduling of journeys with an algorithm for the highest possible vehicle utilization and the shortest possible driving time and distance

Identification with an RFID card or NFC

possibility of monthly/annual booking for rides (subscription) – extend and develop your business models and free all possibilities for cash flow

flexibility of parameters (max/min number of passengers, max/min number of vehicles, max driving time, max deviation of arrival time, passenger’s extras)

scheduling and control algorithm, which is based on a guaranteed time of arrival at the destination and a guaranteed time of departure from the same destination

App for end-users:


editing / canceling of rides

transport / user status notifications

notifications by the dispatcher

notifications (start / end of ride, user did not come for transport)

other functions same as in user app

Driver app:

list of stations with planned embarkation/disembarkation

review of operations performed at the station

the possibility of notifying that the user was not present

real time shortest guidance to the next station

Dispatcher app:

Review of unscheduled/scheduled unscheduled rides

manual schedule revision (with the possibility of automatic restart)

approvals and schedule publishing (when not real-time)

review of notifications by the drivers