The EU is ageing and in need of care – here is how AI can help.

Friday, December 09th 2022
The EU is ageing and in need of care – here is how AI can help.

According to Statista (, Europe has the largest aging population in the world, and this calls for an audit of unmet healthcare needs and a rethink of the way we ensure smart and active living for Europe's ageing population. Advanced ICT solutions enabled by the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can make this a reality! 

Demographic changes and the ageing population result in increased number of people who depend on the help and care from others. Thus, the elderly care sector is growing steadily and is comprehensively expanding in size and costs. One of the bigger challenges for geriatricians is how to effectively monitor and prevent the loss of functional abilities of elderly people to maintain or improve their quality of life.  

Effective ICT solutions can bridge the gaps between the health caregivers and recipients, focusing on social determinants of health and preventive measures to reduce human and financial burden of chronic diseases and aging-related problems while also providing person-centred care. 

We recognized that the PHArA-ON project’s ( platforms provide a good insight into everyday life of the care recipients and allow for automatic detection of different anomalies. With this we can be proactive – we can predict and manage the risks of the elderly not being as physically active as needed in order to retain their health. 

That is why we are honoured to be a part of Horizon’s 2020, The Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing (PHArA-ON) project, to improve the dignity, independence, and wellbeing of older adults by providing enhanced smart and active living solutions.  

Our solution, CareRisk, will gather data from wearables (smart bands that record vital signs, activity, etc.), indoor environmental sensors (temperature, CO2, etc.) or other accessible data available through the PHArA-ON platform to create personalized models for elderly to keep them in a good shape. CareRisk will send notifications to the elderly via SenLab’s TV system or SeniorsPhone. Alarms and risks along with action plans will be shown in the main management interface to the caregivers - all by keeping the user’s (elderly and their caregivers) needs in the centre of attention. Because at the heart of our solutions there is always human 
Six large-scale pilots have already been launched in five European countries: Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Netherlands. Our risk-management solution “CareRisk” will be deployed and tested in Slovenia in the upcoming weeks.  
We are proud to be a part of the AI transformation of Europe’s healthcare, starting right here at home, in Slovenia.  

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